Virgin European Human Hair Wigs

For the ultimate in comfort and most versatile in styling, there is nothing like a quality 100% Virgin European human hair wig. Our Virgin Human hair wigs are all 100% hand knotted with the finest hairs from women in Eastern Europe. The natural beauty of the hair is left intact and unprocessed, so the wig will last longer and give you a more natural look that cannot be surpassed. Our European hair wigs come in a range of colors, textures and lengths to offer different styling options. Our comfortable mono filament, adjustable cap has been specifically designed for a unique wearing experience.


Never give up on your hair!

  • We offer licensed styling experience with all our in- stock wigs.
  • A beautiful European wig can build back your self esteem!

Custom Wigs

At Confident Hair, we can design a wig to your specifications and needs: head size, preferred cap type, certain hair types, length or hair colors wanted (highlights or low-lights)

So Why a Custom Virgin Human Hair Wig?

Custom Virgin European human hair wigs will be customized for your exact requirements.

The reasons and benefits of buying a Custom 100% European Human hair wigs, the list could be really very big.

Best Appearance:

Purchasing a Custom 100% European Human hair wigs clearly means that you are getting the actual real hair appearance. Mainly because they are made of actual 100% European human hair. Your wig will not feel duplicate and it will make you feel like your actual hair and therefore this will add more grace to your personality.

Freedom of Choice:

There are thousands of choices in wigs and the same is with the actual hair.  100% Virgin Human Hair or Processed Human Hair.  And most importantly, when you have made your decision on purchasing a Custom 100% Virgin Human hair wigs then you will get complete freedom of making selection of any color, any style and any feature of hair according to your wish.


The benefit about a custom 100% Virgin European Human Hair wigs is the quality of the hair. Processed Human hair or artificial wigs don’t offer the benefit of quality.


Lace Front Wigs

A lace front wig is the best answer for a woman or man experiencing hair loss throughout the entire scalp or forehead. As lacefront is worn on the scalp, not your existing hair. These beautiful all hand tied lace front wigs are made with the highest quality human hair and its hand tied mono-filament top allows you to part it anywhere, giving you a more natural looking appearance today.

A full cap enhancement, 100% fully handcrafted with natural hair, provides exceptional styling ability. The natural mono top, together with its soft base material is cool, lightweight and ultra-comfortable. This elegant design is the perfect solution for a woman or man who needs an enhancement to adapt to their lifestyle.