Men’s Hair System

Men’s Hair System

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100% Human Hair
Virgin European Human Hair

We don’t just aim to making you look good, we want you to also feel confident about your new look. We will always make sure you like what you see in the mirror.

Men’s Hair Systems

Men hair system

40% of all men experience Hair Loss by the age of 35


At Confident Hair we offer a wide range of hair replacement systems specifically for men, from the more traditional hair systems to the latest in non-surgical skin base graft technology.

Traditional Hair System:

Traditional Hair Systems

Strong, long lasting, materials are used to provide maximum durability. 1 inch poly coating all around the hair system with a lace center.

Lace Front Hair System:


Natural looking front line, durable, and the back and sides are with 1 inch poly coating, making this easy to clean.

Full Lace Hair System


Natural all around appearance. Not durable. Take extra care when cleaning.

Skin Base Hair System:


Very thin base. Each hair is injected into the base for a natural look. Not durable.

For a number of reasons…some people simply are not suitable candidates for hair transplants. A hair system maybe your answer.  If you have never worn a hair system before, at Confident Hair, we will make sure you get the look you want. We will explain all the options that you have, and the pros and cons of each type of system.

Confident Hair has hair systems available for those that wish to be fully bonded to the head. Or maybe you want to take care of your system yourself at home. These hair systems are state-of-the-art technology, durable, and have ease-of-use as well, providing you with outstanding style and comfort. We will help you choose the hair system that is best suited to your lifestyle.

skin base hair system

Confident Hair also has wigs that you can take care of at home by yourself. These systems are also state of the art technology, durable and easy to wear and care for.

After choosing the hair system most suitable to your life style, we will complete your look with the cut and style you prefer. We don’t just aim to make you look good, we also want you to feel confident about your new look. We will always make sure you like what you see in the mirror.

Confident Hair will design a system to suit your looks and lifestyle.

Our hair does everything but grow!