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Hair extensions are a girl’s best friend!

Confident Hair’s goal is to help women by providing them with the most innovative solutions to create their desired look.


Why “Extension Locs/Euro locs”?

We introduce you to the most innovative cold hair extension method available from Europe. “Extension Locs/Euro locs” is a strand by strand, free flowing method which uses tiny, plastic coated copper shells as attachments to your hair, instead of glue that has been heated up.

Extension Locs Euro locs

These attachments are gently double crimped onto your hair and will stay securely for 2 to 4 months. They are also easy to remove. This cold fusion method prevents damage to your hair.

No Glue, No Polymers and Especially No Heat!

With “Euro Locs” you don’t need to change your lifestyle. You can still be active, exercise and shower the same way you do now. With “Euro Locs” you get nothing but first class, quality human hair. It’s a blend of 80% European human hair mixed with Asian human hair. They are easy to care for and most importantly, comfortable to wear. They can be re-attached after several months of wear. Unlike other hair extension systems, “Euro Locs” are re-useable.

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Yes. They are re-usable.

Euro Locs are known elsewhere by a variety of names, including easy hair, cold fusion, micro links, hair locs, and more.

In this system, your hair extensions are attached with a metal shell or ring made of copper or aluminum. The shell is slipped along a strand of your hair up to the root area and the extension is inserted into place inside it. Then the shell is double flattened with a special pliers-like tool to hold the extension hair in place together with your own hair. This method was designed specifically for clients who have thin or fragile hair so that permanent damage to your hair is reduced.

These extensions should be removed in the salon since a special tool is required to open the metal rings. Simply pulling this type of extension out is not good for your growing hair or your scalp.

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Tape Hair Extensions

A unique hair extension for women with imagination

Designed for clients who have thin hair that want to transform themselves and enhance their appearance. You can add as much or as little as you want. Tape hair extensions help you to create more volume, add length or highlights without stressing your hair. Did you know that the Tape Hair Extension method was created by a hair replacement company looking to help clients with thin hair? The application method allows you to place these hair extensions higher at the top of the head, so fullness will start sooner. The tape hair styles beautifully with your own hair and flows to any length you desire. 100% human hair adds more dimension to a more beautiful you.

Yes, these hair extensions are re-useable…

Tape hair extensions







This method is similar to sewn weave in the effect that it uses wefted hair. There is no sewing involved. The wefts are applied to the roots of the clients hair with the use of a liquid adhesive and a double sided tape. To remove, an oil or cream based remover is applied to the underside of the weave and massaged in with your fingers. Hair wefts are gently pulled away. Using a fine tooth comb, remove any adhesive left behind. This method is temporary and can last up to 6 weeks safely.

Tape hair extensions 3tape_hair




Beaded Sew in hair extensions








This method of hair extensions is usually performed by making horizontal beaded tracks instead of the traditional cornrow method. The beaded tracks are placed around your head in track formation, as a traditional cornrow. Then wefts of hair are sewn onto the beaded tracks with a specifically designed weave thread with curved needle. Most cases a client would need anywhere from 2 to 4 tracks. To remove, the thread is cut with a pair of scissors or a seam ripper and combed away. Then the locs/shells are removed and new ones are reapplied.

Beaded hair extensions



We introduce you to the most innovative hot-fusion extension method. Fusion is a strand by strand, free flowing method which uses pre-glued cuticle Fusion hair extensions. With Fusion you get first class, quality human hair. They are easy to care for, and most importantly, comfortable to wear. Unfortunately they aren’t re-usable. They come in 3 hair types: straight, slight body and curly.

hot fusion hair extensions

Each shank of hair consists of a grouping of human hair with a bond made of an adhesive designed specifically for hair extensions. Most hair extension bonds are made from keratin but some consist of silicone, and others polymers. The heated elements of the applicator melts the adhesive and purge it through the donor hair and the clients hair creating a complete bond. The adhesive then hardens as it cools. This method lasts anywhere from 2 months to 4 months depending on varying factors. To remove these extensions a remover is used such as oil, acetone or other chemicals in either liquid or gel form.

These hair extensions come in 14, 18 and 22 inches long. Price depends on desired length and results.


Clip-in-hair extension Guide


Clip in extensions are ideal for special occasions and can safely stay in your hair for a full day. They come in 3″-8″ wefts that are simple to clip into horizontal partings under your own hair. You’ll need anywhere from 3 to 7 wefts, depending on the look you want to create. These hair extensions are easy to remove, but remember to be gentle to minimize discomfort and damage.

Clips In Hair Extensions

These re-usable, fully washable and style-able extensions come in lengths of 14″, 18″ and 22″ and range in price from $275 to $450 for a complete set.


  • The first and most important thing is that you keep your hair clean. Wash it at least twice a week with warm water and an oil-free, mild shampoo and conditioner. It is particularly important to wash your hair immediately after swimming to remove chlorine, after exercising, or whenever it is sweaty or dirty. Keeping it clean will help to prevent tangles.
  • Before you wash your hair, you must brush it thoroughly to remove all the tangles. This will make washing it much easier. Keep your head upright while you shampoo so that the hair stays in one position. Use oil free shampoo and conditioner only.
  • It is important to brush your hair each time it gets wet. Start at the ends and slowly and gently work your way up using one hand to brush and the other to hold your hair still. Brushing this way prevents shedding and damaging your extensions.
  • Please wear a cap while swimming in a pool to prevent tangling and chlorine damage. It is best to avoid saunas and hot tubs because the heat can damage your extensions and make them frizzy and dry.
  • Always try to brush and braid your hair before you exercise, sleep or swim.
  • NEVER go to sleep with wet hair! You should always dry your hair thoroughly and braid it to keep the extensions safe and secure while you sleep.
  • Use leave-in conditioner every day to help keep your hair from drying out, as well as every time before you brush your hair out. If you use a light oil based conditioner, be sure to avoid your roots at all cost so that the oil doesn’t get inside the metal clips and cause your extensions to slip off.
  • While we can style and cut your extensions, it is best not to perm, tint, highlight, color or use any other chemical treatment that could weaken the hair. Please remember that your extensions may have already been treated and further chemical use could cause damage.